Contact Info: email

Wanting to Trade: D.O (ver B), OT6M (ver B)

Trading For: any version B except OT6K/Chen/Suho/Sehun

Origin: France

Comments: card in mint condition, willing to trade overseas

posted 1 year ago

Contact Info: tumblr, email
Wanting to Trade: Suho vers. B
Trading For: Chanyeol (priority) or Baekhyun vers. B
Origin: Quebec, Canada
Comments: Card in perfect condition, will provide photoproof so please do the same. Also, only trading cards from the Korean version of the album (the paper sleeve, not the square CD box aka the Chinese version)
posted 1 year ago

Contact Info:
 email, twitter 
Wanting to Trade: Kris (A), OT-6 M (China), OT-12 (China)
Trading For: Lay (A and/or B), Baekhyun (B)
Origin: Ontario, Canada
Comments: Please feel free to ask any questions ^^
posted 2 years ago

Contact Info: email …tumblrtwitter
Wanting to Trade: OT12
Trading For: ANY individual EXO-K ver. B OR Luhan or Kris ver. B
Origin: TX, USA (will ship internationally if needed^^)
Comments: Great condition. IF YOU TRADE, I’LL THROW IN SOME KPOP BRACELETS. (I have a pic of the bracelets on  my tumblr)


posted 2 years ago

Contact Info: tumblr, email

Wanting to Trade: D.O, Kris, Suho, Kai, OT12 (MAMA ver A) Chanyeol, Xiumin, Lay, OT6-M, OT6-K (MAMA ver B)

Trading For: Baekhyun (MAMA ver B)

Origin: NY, USA

Comments: Cards are in Mint Condition. :)

posted 2 years ago

Contact Info: tumblr
Wanting to Trade: D.O, Kris, Suho, OT12 (ver A) OT6-M (ver B)
Trading For: Baekhyun, Tao (ver B) 
Origin: NY, USA
Comments: All in mint condition.
posted 2 years ago

Contact Info: tumblr , twitter
Wanting to Trade: Suho, Tao (ver.1) D.O, Kris (ver.2)
Trading For: Ot6m (ver.1) Sehun, Luhan, Baekhyun (ver.2)
Origin: Singapore
Comments: photoproof is on my tumblr page


posted 2 years ago

Exo cards

Contact info: Twitter @chickentaemin
Wanting to trade: Kai (ver 1)
Trading for: luhan, baekhyun, sehun, both ot6 (all ver 1)
Origin: Singapore
Comments: must be in perfect condition. No overseas shipping.

Contact Info: soyjoi, email -
Wanting to Trade: OT6-K Ver B, OT6-M Ver B, D.O Ver B
Trading For: Chanyeol Ver B, Sehun Ver B, Baekhyun Ver A, Suho Ver A, Sehun Ver A
Origin: NV, USA
Comments: thank you <3
posted 2 years ago

Contact Info: Tumblr, Email
Wanting to Trade: OTM-6 (Vers. 2)
Trading For: Lay (Vers. 2), Baekhyun (Vers. 1)
Origin: CA, USA
Comments: New, just got it today! :)
posted 2 years ago