Contact Info: email

Wanting to Trade: D.O (ver B), OT6M (ver B)

Trading For: any version B except OT6K/Chen/Suho/Sehun

Origin: France

Comments: card in mint condition, willing to trade overseas

posted 1 year ago

Trading D.Oand Seeking Tao
posted 1 year ago

Contact Info: email:; Tumblr; Youtube
Wanting to Trade: Kai Ver B; Sehun Ver B
Trading For: Chanyeol Ver A; Sehun Ver A (Priority); Luhan Ver A(Priority); Kris Ver A(Priority); Lay Ver A; Chen Ver A; Tao Ver A
Origin: California, USA
Comments: All in mint condition. Will be shipped out in card sleeve and toploader for each card. I provide photo proof and ask for photo proof. Must send first if international.Korean or Chinese Press it doesn’t matter. 

Contact Info: (Tumblr: Twitter: @strawrberrie, Email:
Wanting to Trade: Xiumin (Type A)
Trading For: Lay, Tao (Type A)
Origin: UK.
Comments: Lay is preferred but will settle for Tao. Will also provide photoproof ^^ Card is in perfect condition.
posted 2 years ago

Contact Info: Tumblr , Twitter

Wanting to trade: Tao ve. B

Trading for: Kris ve. B

Origin: Brazil

Comments: I’ll do Overseas shipping. In perfect, mint, brand new condition. I can give photoproof.

Additional info: I can give photoproof and it’s in perfect, mint, brand new condition.


posted 2 years ago

Contact Info: tumblr
Wanting to Trade: D.O, Kris, Suho, OT12 (ver A) OT6-M (ver B)
Trading For: Baekhyun, Tao (ver B) 
Origin: NY, USA
Comments: All in mint condition.
posted 2 years ago

Contact Info: tumblr, email
Wanting to Trade: D.O. and OT6-M (version B) x3
Trading For: Luhan, Chanyeol, Tao (version B) OT6-M, Kris, Tao, or Baekhyun (version A)
Origin: Texas, USA
Comments: Brand new, in perfect condition. Even if you don’t have one of the cards listed still contact me. The ones listed are priority, but I’m willing to trade for pretty much anything I don’t have.
posted 2 years ago

Contact Info: tumblr , twitter
Wanting to Trade: Suho, Tao (ver.1) D.O, Kris (ver.2)
Trading For: Ot6m (ver.1) Sehun, Luhan, Baekhyun (ver.2)
Origin: Singapore
Comments: photoproof is on my tumblr page


posted 2 years ago

Exo cards

Contact info: Twitter @chickentaemin
Wanting to trade: Kai (ver 1)
Trading for: luhan, baekhyun, sehun, both ot6 (all ver 1)
Origin: Singapore
Comments: must be in perfect condition. No overseas shipping.

Contact Info: tumblr l email
Wanting to Trade: OT12
Trading For: Tao (either version)
Origin: Australia
Comments: Mint condition. Will require photo proof.
posted 2 years ago