Contact Info: email

Wanting to Trade: D.O (ver B), OT6M (ver B)

Trading For: any version B except OT6K/Chen/Suho/Sehun

Origin: France

Comments: card in mint condition, willing to trade overseas

posted 1 year ago

Contact Info: tumblr

Wanting to Trade: EXO-K Group photocard

Trading For: Chanyeol, D.O or Kai

Origin: Ontario, Canada

Comments: Good condition! 

Contact Info: tumblr
Wanting to Trade: LUHAN VER 2 
Trading For: KRIS VER 2
Origin: indonesia
Comments: still in good condition
posted 1 year ago

Trading D.Oand Seeking Tao
posted 1 year ago

Contact Info: Tumblr : Mitsukyun, Twitter : Lee_Hana_Pyu
Wanting to Trade: D.O (v2)
Trading For: Kris (any version)
Origin: France
posted 1 year ago

Contact Info: email:; Tumblr; Youtube
Wanting to Trade: Kai Ver B; Sehun Ver B
Trading For: Chanyeol Ver A; Sehun Ver A (Priority); Luhan Ver A(Priority); Kris Ver A(Priority); Lay Ver A; Chen Ver A; Tao Ver A
Origin: California, USA
Comments: All in mint condition. Will be shipped out in card sleeve and toploader for each card. I provide photo proof and ask for photo proof. Must send first if international.Korean or Chinese Press it doesn’t matter. 

Contact Info: email -
Wanting to Trade: Chanyeol ver B
Trading For: Suho ver A 
Origin: Japan
Comments: Card in good condition, is willing to trade worldwide.
posted 1 year ago

Contact Info: tumblr, Youtube or email at
Wanting to Trade: Chen B, Lay B, Suho B, Kai B
Trading For: Super Junior (Heechul or Sungmin [ any album]), INFINITE (any except Sungjong, Woohyun, and L), SHINee (Onew or Key [ any]), BTOB (Eunkwang, Changsub), or After School (any except Orange Caramel members)
Origin: USA
Comments: Perfect condition :). Not willing to ship overseas so please dont ask
posted 1 year ago

Contact Info: /
Wanting to Trade: Sehun B, Chen A, Exo K A
Trading For: Kris, Luhan, Lay 
Origin: California, USA
Comments: Good Condition, still inside the album. I want Kris the most please please please :( 
posted 1 year ago

Contact Info: tumblr
Wanting to Trade: Sehun (ver a), OT6K (ver b), OT6M (ver b)
Trading For: Luhan, D.O., Chanyeol, Kai (ver b)
Origin: France
Comments: Cards in mint condition, all cards are from the Korean release. I ship internationally.